Tori works in policy development for the public service in Canberra. She has degrees specialising in psychology and linguistics and is working towards a Masters of Disability Studies. Since being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2010 she has become increasingly involved in the Autistic community through public speaking, research participation and participating in leadership programmes including the Autism CRC Research Academy and the Future Leaders programme at the 2013 Asia Pacific Autism Conference.  Her passion is to see groups within the Autism community come together and learn from each other to change attitudes and improve outcomes. Tori considers herself fortunate to have had the benefit of a university level education, a professional job and the ability to live independently and looks forward to a future where more Autistic people are able to build productive and fulfilling lives for themselves. She speaks from her own experiences in the hope of changing perceptions and empowering people with practical information to help them work towards that brighter future. She values the shared experiences and knowledge of Autistic people in different areas of life, and appreciates opportunities for people to come together and share to benefit the broader community.

Read Tori Haar’s full session description on the VAC program here

Read Tori Haar’s full panel description on the VAC program here