Shawn is the recipient of the first Deakin Industry Scholarship funded in partnership with the Australian Football League. Shawn began working closely with children who had been diagnosed with autism or a development disability in an applied behaviour analysis program while attending the University of Manitoba in 2003. After graduating in 2005 with an Advanced Bachelor in Psychology Shawn worked privately consulting in Bermuda, Bahrain and Bangkok before coming to Australia in 2010 to join Autism Victoria. At Autism Victoria Shawn delivered and led a wide variety of workshops for the Department of Education, Department of Human Services and the Early Days program. Recognising a need to understand research better Shawn joined the Autism Research Team, a joint initiative under The Royal Children’s Hospital, the University of Melbourne and the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. As project officer Shawn developed valuable research skills in ethics and methodology. Today Shawn balances his time as a PhD student and as the National Research Manager in the ALLPlay initiative. Shawn is passionate about the benefits that sport and recreation opportunities can provide not just for the child, but also for the family and community.

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