Richard Johnson is a proud autistic man who was diagnosed in his early 40s. Richard is the father of two autistic children and one non-autistic child. Richard’s life experience has been for much of his life a misadventure of living life something like an alien in exile. An ever present knowledge of being somehow different but not having the insight into how and why.

Richard’s ventured on to a journey of discovery that led to his diagnosis, after his children were diagnosed, and he finally took the hint from his wife that perhaps the apples didn’t fall too far from the tree. During that journey Richard started a blog called Neurotypical No Way at – The name of the blog really matched underlying knowledge for Richard at the time that he wasn’t sure what he was but what he did know was that no way was he neurotypical.

Richard later started a facebook page called Proud Autistic Living and renamed his blog to match.

Richard is also a graduate of the Autism CRC Research Academy and a co-producer of our Visual Dictionary project.

Richard is 100% convinced that being autistic is different not less.

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