Dr Mark Barber is the Director of the Intensive Interaction Institute in Australia.  He has worked with students with complex and profound intellectual disabilities for over 35 years as a teacher in UK and Australia since 2003.  During this time in UK he collaborated with Prof Juliet Goldbart at Manchester Metropolitan University and worked as a tutor for 3 years at Manchester Victoria  University.

Since arriving in Australia he has introduced Intensive Interaction to over 200 schools and services across all of Australia’s states and territories and also in New Zealand; established an International Intensive Interaction Conference, occurring every 3 years; established a Masters Level Unit of Study in Intensive Interaction at Melbourne’s Deakin University and makes frequent addresses to national and international conferences on various aspects of Intensive Interaction.

Mark works for part of the week as the Leading Teacher at Bayside Special Developmental School in Victoria.  In this role he continues to develop his skills and insights as a practitioner of Intensive Interaction in his daily work with students attending the school.  He also mentors teachers and teaching teams, coordinating the implementation of Intensive Interaction as a central aspect of the teaching approach across the school. Bayside SDS is Australia’s Centre of Excellence for Intensive Interaction and the venue for regular weekend professional development opportunities relating to the approach

Mark’s collaboration with both Dave Hewett and Graham Firth has resulted in several well received publications and has ensured that the practice of Intensive Interaction in Australia is closely aligned in its values and points of reference with UK.

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