The Amaze Community Awards have been created to recognise the incredible work of individuals and organisations trying to raise awareness and understanding of the autism spectrum. Together and individually, many Victorian people are striving to make a positive difference to the lives of those with a lived experience of autism.

Amaze is calling for nominations so that the work of these individuals and organisations can be publicly acknowledged and recognised. Anyone may nominate an individual or organisation for the following 6 awards according to the criteria for each award. Nominations for multiple categories are permitted, but a separate nomination must be made for each category.

Nominations for the awards have now closed and will be presented on the second day of the conference.  


The Selection Process and Judging

  • Complete the nomination form, providing as much detail in response to the questions asked
  • All nominations must be submitted by 15 July 2016
  • The judging panel will collate all entries and make a decision on the winners
  • The awards will be presented at VAC on 1 and 2 September 2016

The Awards

Media Contribution

The Media Contribution Award is to honour journalists, editors, publications or writers for excellence in reporting of autism in an accurate and honest way. Either an individual journalist or publication can be nominated for this award.

Leadership in Volunteering

The Leadership in Volunteering Award will recognise voluntary contribution to the autism community. This is open to all forms of voluntary work and strives to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of an individual or organisation.

Excellence in Education

The Excellence in Education award is open to anyone who is involved within an educational setting and has made a difference in raising awareness of autism or helping to improve the educational outcomes of a student/students on the autism spectrum.

Excellence in Business Leadership 

The Excellence in Business Leadership award is open to all employers who have worked to improve employment opportunities for people on the autism spectrum.  The award is also open to an individual/organisation who/that has shown great passion and commitment to improving employment circumstances for a person/people on the autism spectrum or made a significant contribution to raise awareness and understanding of autism within the business community.

Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader award recognises the effort and achievement made by an emerging leader who has made a significant contribution that benefits people on the autism spectrum and the wider community.

Outstanding Achievement in Advocacy

The Outstanding Achievement in Advocacy Award has been created to acknowledge the commitment to advocating for improving understanding and skills to support people on the autism spectrum within the wider community. An individual or organisation that is dedicated and driven by the idea of raising awareness and building understanding of autism can be nominated for the award.