Our most inclusive conference yet, featuring:

  • Speakers with the lived experience of autism (people and their families) throughout the whole conference program
  • A well-paced conference program with breaks for lunch, morning and afternoon tea
  • “On time” running, with all sessions to start at scheduled times
  • Pre-order lunchboxes (no-surprise menu choice; flexible lunchbox collection times)
  • Heavily reduced ticket prices for people on the autism spectrum, who can apply for a preferential registration
  • Payment plan for Amaze individual, family members and students to spread the cost of their ticket/s over a number of months
  • Amaze Member discount rates


An autism friendly conference environment:

  • A quiet room in a dedicated, separate area to the conference with natural lighting, its own toilets and close by to where lunch boxes can be picked up
  • ‘Move if you need to’ – stand, sit, lie while listening to presenters and the flexibility to leave sessions if you need to
  • Reserved seating
  • Adjusted lighting – delegates are welcome to wear a hat and sunglasses
  • Specialist autism live captioning of speaker presentations
  • Clear signage throughout the conference
  • Social scripts to outline events happening across the day and how to get to and from the conference
  • Sensory maps indicating where low and high sensory areas are in the conference space


The development of VAC2016 has been supported by an external working group comprising people on the autism spectrum and parents who have worked with Amaze on all elements of the conference.

We have taken most of their suggestions on board including the suggested title – The Autistic Zone – to describe the autism accessible features of VAC2016.  We all believe this title emphasises that VAC2016 is an autism friendly place both in the physical environment we want to create, as well as making it accessible through the conference content and speakers and preferential ticket pricing for people on the autism spectrum.

We look forward to you being All In the Autistic Zone of VAC2016.

The Autistic Zone at VAC2016 is proudly sponsored by Northland.